Here at YMCA Day Nursery we understand that first impressions are not only incredibly important to you, but to your children too. We have taken the time to assess the impact these initial days can have and created a unique settling in process which we hope will provide you with confidence in our staff, and knowledge in that your child is in safe, nurturing and capable hands. We want your child to feel confident, happy and cared for in your absence as we understand that building trust is essential to their growth and development.

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Our settling in process is completely individual in that it is designed to meet every individual child’s needs. We go that extra mile so that parents can have complete confidence in our staff and facilities.

In fact, we are so confident that your child will be happy here that we don’t put any restrictions on the hours required for settling in time. We also encourage you to look around other nurseries in the local area so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family.

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Transfer/Settling-in Process:

Look around our Nursery – Meet and greet our staff and the other children.

Personalised details of costing

Registration visit – This visit is about creating a warm and welcoming environment for your child while we take you through all of the important registration documents and arrange your first settling in dates.

The first settling in date is a one hour session where you and your child join us at a time that best suits you. It is an opportunity for you to take in the positive atmosphere, meet the other children and for your child to make those first vital connections with our staff and the children. While your child is busy having fun, we will ask you to complete an ‘All About Me’ form. This will give us all the essential information on your child, especially babies, with regards to sleep routine, likes and dislikes, dietary requirements etc.

The second settling in date is a one hour session where you would leave your child with us. Hopefully by this point you will feel confident in your experiences with our staff and their abilities.

The process after this depends entirely on the unique needs of your child and how well they settle in. We would look to increase the visits by an hour each time slowly leading up to their official start date.

“Grace started the YMCA Nursery just over a month ago and her transition into nursery life has been great- a lot easier than I anticipated. The team at the nursery have been fantastic. I was a bit nervous, as due to last minute changes at another nursery we only had our first visit to YMCA Nursery 2 weeks before I was due to return to work. The transition, even though it was short notice, could not have been easier. Rachel and the team have welcomed Grace and she is thriving. The nursery was recommend to me and I would highly recommend it to others.”

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We find that most children will settle within a short number of sessions, but if your child takes a little bit longer then we go at a pace that works for them, with them and for you so that they become a happy member of YMCA Family.

If you’re thinking about changing your childcare provider or you simply wish to look around our facilities please contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide any information you require.