Physical Development in YMCA Day Nursery

Physical development is vital in children’s all round development to enable them to thrive and have a happy and healthy life. Throughout the nursery environment, children have the opportunity to take appropriate risks in their physical play to enhance both their fine and gross motor skills.

The Reality of a Pandemic Pregnancy

Becoming a parent for the first time can be daunting, and with the added pressures of lockdown isolation, overflowing hospitals and financial stress, it’s fair to say that going through a pregnancy during a pandemic throws up a whole host of new questions and unforeseen circumstances.
YMCA Day Nurseries Deputy Manager Kirsty, bares all, sharing her personal experience of having a newborn during a pandemic.

YMCA Day Nursery: COVID-19 FAQ’s

YMCA Day Nursery have continued to be overwhelmed with the response and support of parents as they continue to provide care for all those placed in the nursery during this pandemic.
Our Nursery manager Ian Pearson has provided some helpful answers to frequently asked questions on how the nursery is responding to COVID-19.