Physical development is vital in children’s all round development to enable them to thrive and have a happy and healthy life. Throughout the nursery environment, children have the opportunity to take appropriate risks in their physical play to enhance both their fine and gross motor skills.

This development begins in our baby room where children can engage in sensory play with different objects, ranging from holding a wooden spoon to exploring how a book opens and how to turn pages. Babies also have a stimulating space to explore and gain spacial awareness through tummy time, crawling and taking their first steps all with the support and supervision of YMCA’s qualified and experienced practitioners.

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The Day Nursery recently added a new climb and slide frame which enables active babies to take greater risks and show early independence as they grow in confidence in climbing and descending stairs and have fun lowering themselves to slide to the floor.


YMCA Day Nursery provides opportunities for physical development in both indoor and outdoor environments with practitioners supporting children to develop their core strength, balance, spatial awareness, coordination and agility.

As children have a firm foundation in gaining control over their gross manipulative skills they can go onto develop healthy bodies, social and emotional wellbeing. Alongside this is the importance of developing fine manipulative skills which leads to children having greater hand-eye coordination and is linked to being able to develop enhanced early literacy.

Across each of the nursery rooms, children have the opportunity to explore a variety of resources which support gross and fine motor skills, such as small world activities, jigsaws, a full range of art and crafts, using tools for shape sorting and the much loved mud kitchen and outdoor area

These learning environments allow children to gain control over their bodies and grow both emotionally and physically. To ensure the children have plenty of sustenance to take part in these fun activities, the nursery offers a balanced menu, providing freshly cooked nourishing food which enhances their physical and cognitive development. This also enables children to experience food from different cultures and traditions as we celebrate different festivals throughout the year.

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