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Spring is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect time to introduce your little ones to the wonders of gardening! Engaging in gardening activities with young children not only fosters a love for nature but also provides valuable learning experiences. Our nursery practitioners have put together a couple of activities to get you and the little ones started:

1. Planting Activities

Spring is all about new beginnings, making it an ideal time to plant seeds with your young children. Choose easy-to-grow plants like sunflowers, cherry tomatoes, or colourful wildflowers. Let your child dig in the soil, plant the seeds, and witness the magic of growth firsthand. This hands-on activity will nurture their curiosity and instil a sense of responsibility.

2. Sensory Garden Exploration

Create a sensory garden corner where children can engage their senses and connect with nature. Include plants with different textures, scents, and colors such as fragrant herbs, velvety lamb’s ear, or vibrant pansies. Encourage your little gardeners to touch, smell, and observe the plants, stimulating their sensory development and appreciation for the natural world.

3. Garden Treasure Hunt

Turn gardening into an exciting adventure by organizing a garden treasure hunt for your kids. Hide tiny treasures like painted rocks, mini figurines, or colourful beads among the plants. Provide them with a map or clues to follow, fostering their problem-solving skills and enhancing their outdoor exploration experience. Or, keep it simple and see how many minibeats your children can find in the garden!

4. Nature-inspired Crafts

Unleash your creativity with nature-inspired crafts that celebrate the beauty of spring. Collect fallen leaves, flowers, or twigs from your garden to create botanical art pieces with your children. Encourage them to make leaf rubbings, flower crowns, or nature collages, sparking their imagination and artistic expression.

5. Watering and Caretaking

Involve your little ones in the essential task of watering and caring for the garden. Show them how to use a watering can or a spray bottle to gently water the plants. Teach them the importance of sunlight, soil, and regular care in helping the garden thrive. This hands-on experience will give your budding gardeners a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Spring gardening offers a wonderful opportunity for families with young children to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together. By engaging in these fun and educational activities, you’ll cultivate green thumbs while also nurturing a deep appreciation for nature in your little ones. So, grab your gardening tools, put on your sun hats, and embark on a blooming adventure with your tiny garden companions this spring!

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