YMCA Day nursery use Tapestry, an online learning journal which allows them to observe and assess all of their children. The beauty of Tapestry is that parents can access their child’s learning journal at any time and can see what they have been up to during their time within the nursery. This helps staff to reassure parents that their children are settling during the settling period and once settled, they are having fun and making progress with their development.

Tapestry also helps key workers to assess children’s development each term to ensure that they are progressing according to the Early Years Foundation Stage outcomes.

If staff notice that children are struggling with certain areas, they work closely with parents and families to ensure the child is fully supported and implement a plan to get them up to speed efficiently.


Our parents love Tapestry and regularly add photos and videos to their child’s learning journey so that staff can see what they get up to at weekends. Staff love to see this and often use this as a tool to share what their key children have been doing outside of nursery with other children at circle time. 

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