Becoming a parent for the first time can be daunting, and with the added pressures of lockdown isolation, overflowing hospitals and financial stress, it’s fair to say that going through a pregnancy during a pandemic throws up a whole host of new questions and unforeseen circumstances.
YMCA Day Nurseries Deputy Manager Kirsty, bares all, sharing her personal experience of having a newborn during a pandemic.

Kirsty is a first time mam and in May last year, she gave birth to her little Girl Maya. Kirsty had many preconceptions about pregnancy, especially working in a childcare environment, but nothing could have prepared her for the way things turned out to be.



After the birth, Kirsty suffered from post natal depression and anxiety and had very little support from family and friends due to Covid. This affected her decision making and one of her biggest dilemmas was whether or not to send Maya to nursery.


Kirsty needed to go to work to earn a living but with her confidence at an all time low, she didn’t feel like placing her newborn in a nursery was the safest thing to do.

Eventually, Kirsty put aside her doubts and came to a decision. She realised that limiting her daughters contact with others wasn’t the best start for her and had the following to say about her decision…
“During the pandemic, Maya has missed out on so much… Not attending groups, meeting others, experiencing new environments and faces. She has spent all her time with myself and her dad. Although I am nervous and full of anxiety in allowing Maya to attend nursery and mix with others, I am also, after much consideration, giving her the opportunity to be looked after and cared for by the most amazing professionals and allowing them to build new relationships for her to further develop and grow.”

Kirsty was re-assured by staff , friends and family that Maya would be protected even during these uncertain times. Although Kirsty is in fact the deputy manager of the nursery, this didn’t make her decision any easier after the numerous lockdowns and she feels for any other parents having to deal with these very same anxieties.

In a few weeks, Maya will begin her new nursery journey, experiencing the excitement of making new friends, exploring new environments and learning new things every day. She will be surrounded by people who’ll care for her and Kirsty is looking forward to seeing her baby girl flourish.

If you’re having any doubts about childcare during these times, our nursery team is happy to have a chat with you about any concerns and provide as much information as you need about how children are being kept safe during the pandemic.


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