We get some incredible feedback from families every day and always take this information on board to continue improving our childcare services here in North Shields. Recently, we asked a parent to provide some insight into their experience with us here an YMCA Day Nursery.

How did you first find out about YMCA Day Nursery?

YMCA Nursery was recommended to us by friends who were also looking for childcare at the same time as us. Mia was already registered to attend a different nursery but due to a change in circumstances we decided to look for somewhere closer to home. After visiting a few different nurseries and researching on the nursery website, we knew the YMCA was the best option for us.”

How long have you been part of YMCA Day Nursery?

“Mia joined the YMCA nursery when she was 8 months old and has now been attending for just over a year and a half. Being a shy baby who struggled with separation, we decided to settle her in quite early and phase her attendance over a few months prior to my returning to work following maternity leave. The staff at the YMCA Nursery were extremely supportive with this and took the time to create a tailored settling in process for Mia, assessing her needs which reassured us that Mia was in in safe hands.”

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What did you like when you came to look around?

“The YMCA nursery was the last childcare provider that we looked around when researching options, and we were impressed from the get-go! Our first visit allowed us to look around the nursery, meet key staff she would be with on a day-to-day basis and even meet some other children. The spacious, bright and friendly environment immediately felt welcoming to us both, and you could visibly see the strong relationships staff not only had with one another but more importantly with the children. Being such a new nursery all the facilitates are modern & new and it was evident the staff and management were and still are, keen and eager to establish the nursery as one of the best in the area.”

“Their passion and enthusiasm are visibly evident.
Staff took time to interact directly with Mia during our visit and explained the stages involved in the settling in process, which was reassuring to us as first-time parents and helped with our slight anxiousness of leaving Mia in someone else’s hands!
Finally, whilst on maternity leave, we took Mia to sensory classes and visited various sensory rooms. The fact the YMCA have their own sensory room which is available to all children was a definite selling point when taking our tour of the nursery. Mia also loves outdoor play and the fact the YMCA has a secure outside space for the children to run around and get fresh air each day is great.”

What changes have you seen in your child’s development since joining the nursery?

“During her time at the YMCA nursery, Mia has evolved into a confident little girl. She has developed strong bonds with both staff and other children in the baby and toddler rooms. She regularly talks about other children whilst at home and receives a warm welcome during drop off time in the morning.

At the YMCA you have access to the tapestry app which is an online learning journal where staff regularly upload pictures and videos of Mia at nursery. It lets us see what Mia has been doing and how these activities are contributing to her growth and development. It is amazing to see how Mia grows and develops each week in life and I know that the nursery is a large contributor to this. Next step… potty training!”

What do you like about what YMCA offers?

“Being part of YMCA nursery is like being part of a community. Staff are extremely welcoming and always have time to chat at drop off and pickup time and tell us about Mia’s day. YMCA assigns all children to a key worker at nursery. Mia has had two key workers as she has moved from the baby to toddler rooms and having that primary contact is great not only for Mia but for us too.
The YMCA holds various events such as parents’ evenings and their stay and play sessions which allow us to chat about Mia’s development and progress at nursery. Its also great to see how Mia interacts with children and staff when coming in during nursery hours.

The tapestry app also allows us to strengthen our relationships and become part of the YMCA community as we can upload our own posts as parents and share what Mia is doing outside of nursery.

Finally, being part of the YMCA nursery also gives you membership to the YMCA organisation as a whole meaning you benefit from some added value discounts such as 15% discount in the YMCA café which is just across the road… always a benefit when needing the occasional morning coffee on the way to work after a restless night!”


Why would you recommend YMCA Day Nursery?

“We have already recommended the nursery to one friend and plan for our next child to attend the nursery when the time comes.

The inclusive, interactive and friendly environment is second to none. Mia is such a happy and confident little girl and seeing her smile at the end of each day knowing she has enjoyed her time at nursery is so important to us, which is why we would happily recommend the nursery to others.”

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